BLAZE BOX – Horno para Pizza BBQ con Indicador de Temperatura para Jardines al Aire Libre, Barbacoas y Parrillas de Gas (Horno para Pizza + Pala)

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  • Piedra para pizza: cuenta con una piedra de la pizza de 10 mm para una pizza de estilo auténtico
  • Puerta magnética: la caja tiene una puerta magnética, con un panel de vidrio central, que le permite controlar el progreso de la pizza sin dejar salir el calor
  • Indicador de temperatura: El indicador de temperatura muestra cuándo la caja de la pizza está lista para usarse; oscila entre 50 y 450 grados Celsius
  • Portátil: completo con asas para facilitar el transporte
  • Pala para pizza: Incluye una pala para girar y sacar las pizzas fácilmente

Dimensiones del paquete: 226x447x4060

Detalles: Blaze Box Pizza Oven with Paddle Create authentic style pizzas in the comfort of your own garden with this innovative pizza oven from Blaze Box. The pizza box sits neatly on top of barbeques and gas grills, converting them almost instantly into a gourmet pizza oven. Easy to use Not only great for pizzas, this oven can be used to bake bread and cookies, roast meat and veg, or to bake fish. Quick to heat, the oven uses convective, radiant and conductive heat to raise the cooking temperatures up to 450°C. The integrated temperature gauge will show you what temperature the pizza box has reached, with a range of 50 – 450°C. The design also features a magnetic door, complete with a glass viewing window, allowing you to check the progress of your pizza without releasing any heat. Pizza Paddle This amazing pizza oven also comes complete with a pizza paddle. It’s the perfect tool for making sure that your pizzas are cooked to perfection as the paddle slides easily under the pizza meaning you can rotate for consistent cooking and get the pizzas in and out of the oven with ease Perfect for parties and family gatherings, the Blaze Box pizza oven even has carry handles, making transportation easy. Specification Dimensions: L37.5 x W29 x H13cm (with handles down) Weight: 3.54kg Material: Stainless steel 10mm pizza stone